When did it become June?

When did it become June?

Oddly enough, my last meaningful post  was titled, “When did it become May?” At this rate, my next post will be in 2011.

June? JUNE? When did it become June? When did my baby become more than five months old? Holy Christ Mother of God Shit-fuck, time is flying by.

Annika is amazing. She’s mellowing out, especially when traveling. It used to be that she hated the car seat , but she tolerates it fairly well now. She’s had her first official day care infection (ear), which happened to pop up the morning before we were to fly to New Orleans. She was amazing during the trip, though – despite being congested and snotty, she hardly cried on the flights and did well during Rohan’s graduation and the associated festivities.  We went up to Philly this past weekend for Sushma’s baby shower, and the ride there and back she mostly quietly cooed in the car seat.

Her personality is manifesting itself as well. She loves to laugh – especially when I walk in the room. Whereas mommy will probably always hold the number one spot due to her role as provider of sustenance, for some reason she finds me hilarious and will laugh at almost everything I do. And when you get her on a roll, the rollicking laughter that comes out of her is too much for us. She’s reaching for things, putting them in her mouth, easily distractable.

Day care is going well, although there’s still a real part of me that feels supremely guilty every morning I drop her off. It’s doubly hard on Tuesdays, when I’ve spent three or four days with her straight. It’s hard to give her up, but I know I need to do it to get the work I need to complete done. I don’t know how single parents do it. At least J. and I can split the week so she’s only in day care three days a week (and not a fully day at that) instead of 5 days.

I’m ready to take a nap already, I’m so tired. Oddly enough, I went to bed around 10pm yesterday, we didn’t even finish Glee. This is the new normal.

What else?  The travel continues… In a couple of weeks we’re going to Florida to visit J.’s parents. In September we’re going up for a week to Philly to celebrate my mom’s 60th, and then a couple of weeks later we’re going to San Francisco for a wedding. That’s the one trip I’m dreading, since a cross-country trip with a baby (she’ll be 9 months!) is not something any sane person looks forward to. But the alternative is to be away from her for 4 or 5 days, and that’s not going to happen before she’s weaned. We’re tentatively planning taking a 5 day cruise around our next anniversary. She’ll probably be weaned by then.

Work… my clients in Louisiana (and for a lesser extent, Mississippi) are still requesting work that keeps me busy. I’m attempting to work on two business ideas that necessitates me learning PHP and MySQL to implement, and I’m finding that a bit slow going. But if I can get those sites up, and manage to  market them correctly, I have a strong feeling that these ideas would pay-off in the long run. Without risk there comes no reward, right?


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