About this site…


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About this site…

I’ve had some sort of web presence in one way or another since 1995. Over the years that presence has been fragmented on several different sites. Besides a personal site,  I’ve been journaling online since 2001 in various journals/blogs, as well as pictures posted in a variety of different places. This site is an attempt to consolidate as much as possible so I have one place I can write and share with people that care, and annoy people that don’t.

All the blog content pre 2010 is currently “members only”. Also “members only” are most of my more personal posts, such as those dealing with my children, family, and friends and thoughts thereof.  If we know each other and if you have any interest, feel free to register an account. (If you create one, you can also “subscribe” to content if you want more mail in your inbox that you don’t read.)  Otherwise, that content won’t show up and feel free to browse my more limited public musings.

About me? I’m a early 40’s father, husband, writer, small-business-owner, technology consultant, amateur cook, plus dozens of other hats.