Week 2. Or is it 3? And how do we keep count?

Week 2. Or is it 3? And how do we keep count?

Or really, Week 3. I think I’m using the day the kids started their at-home experience (March 12th) as the primary marker to pass time. Using that, we’re into our second full week, although it was two weeks ago. Time has lost a lot of meaning without the usual comfortable markers of time.

The biggest news is that the kids are out of school for the rest of the year. The district will have some sort of distance learning curriculum set up by next Monday, ostensibly. We’ve tried to establish some sort of schedule/guideline. Mixed success, although we’re getting them through the day. I’m not worried about their academics, frankly. They are

The kids are dealing with this pretty well. They are upset that there isnt school, unlike other kids that seem to be overjoyed. The biggest drawback is the lack of play and social time. I like for them to play outside, but its impossible to police other people playing out at the same time. Its only a few kids, but we try to enforce social distancing and not sharing, and I keep a watchful eye on them. Our backyard is still a mess (although becoming less so, they finished cleaning under the deck) and they should be able to play back there soon.

Jyotsna has been and continues to be stressed. This is a stressful time, and so its no surprise. Her office had to fire a few front desk folk, and the nurses had to cut down on their shifts. The partners took a pay cut as well. Even so, her schedule will be curtailed so that this week she’s working on Tuesday and Wednesday only. A mixed blessing – she can be home more for the kids, but I also know that she feels helpless to help during this time. She became a doctor to help and make a difference, and right now given the lack of testing and anything actionable, it adds to the anxiety. I get that. Its actually a good thing that the disease seems to spare the young in general the most serious consequences.

Penny got her first treatment for heart worms yesterday. She had to get a painful lumbar puncture, she was sedated. Picked her up and she was so pitiful, so loud in her whimperig and vocalizations. Gave her some pain meds, at least she was able to sleep. Seems a lot more like herself this morning – a bit more subdued, but shes able to go up and down stairs and is wagging her tail. The hard part is to keep her heart rate low for six months (she gets another 2 treatments next month).

We’ll all get through this, even if it is surreal. (I woke up the other mornning and had to remember what was going on.) I made the mistake of looking at our network on Quicken – very very sobering. The weekend was interesting too – no place to go and no place to be, just hanging out with ourselves was an exercise in letting go. Used the opportunity to start doing some spring cleaning. Now to do the basement, and after this week our house will be in some semblance of order (after the painting in the kitchen gets done.)

My ass is still broke, which makes for very uncomfortable sitting or lying down. I just move around alot. Apparently it may be a couple of more weeks until I see some relief – Ugh.

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