Yesterday was my 36th birthday.

Definitely a low-key day. Jyotsna has not been feeling well (first trimester of pregnancy will do that to you, and it’s hit her harder this time compared to last). We had her parents in town for the week, but they left yesterday morning. So it was pretty much a normal day, we didnt do anything to celebrate – although we do plan on doing something next month when she’s feeling better.

I normally dont like people making a fuss over me, but my birthday is my one concession to that. Not that I need anything extravagant or even significant – but its the one day out of the year that I feel like I want to get taken care of. This year it didn’t really happen, but I’m a practical man and know there are practical reasons for it.

36 is a lot different than, say, 33. Or even 34. Annika makes a huge difference- our lives are centered around the little PITA, often to the detriment of everything else. Our social circle is vastly different than it used to be. Part of that is marriage, but a huge part of that is the bun. I was gratified (I’d like to say it doesnt matter at all, but it does, a teensy bit) to see a goodly number of people wish me a happy birthday in some way.  Huzzah for facebook for making it easy for people to remember…

Back to Annika. She’s getting to the age, though, where she’s a little more amenable to our plans. Our trip to California proved that she can survived having her schedule up-ended (even though there is a cost). This next weekend will be a further exercise of that, and I’ve gotten to the point where you can only shrug and say, “Okay.” Don’t get me wrong – when she’s adhering to a schedule, it makes everyone’s lives better. She’s sleeping through the night, primarily, which gives Jyotsna and I some much needed time in the evening.  Of course, the new addition is going to throw all that into disarray, and I’m dreading it. We’re both dreading it, I think. And this time around, the “whoops” factor makes it all the more surreal. Ultimately, having the two tykes close in age (17 months or so) is going to be a good thing, but the first few years are going to be a doozy. We’ll get to Jamaica one day, I’m sure.

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open right now. Mid afternoon energy lull…

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