In like a lion?

In like a lion?

Annika and Mati released their book, Pesto, on Amazon last week. (I helped them with that, just that.) The response has been really nice – lots of people we know are buying the book, my cousin’s kids ordered it and took it in to their school as show-and-tell and to give it to their library. Lots of great comments and support all around.

I am overwhelmingly proud of what they accomplished, especially since it was done on their own and after school and over the summer. It was a labor of love without an attachment to the outcome. They just wanted to tell a great story together. I am checking myself to not “adulterate” what they have created. I already felt as if I did slightly more than hold their hands in getting the book to Amazon. What is the difference between support and guidance and pushing? I think so far its been the former and the latter. But I have thoughts of what the can do to market their book more effectively – an authors page, doing readings at libraries and book stores, social media – and I need to check myself. I feel a hook there – not quite “shempa” as described in Buddhist teachings – but I am bringing my own baggage to their endeavor, my ideas of what success means. But these are two kids that did it out of the joy of creation, and the concerns of financial and critical success are adult constructs that they will be steeped in soon enough.

Annika is also entering the last couple of weeks of rehearsals for the musical. The tickets haven’t been released yet – my volunteer role is photographer so I am going in on Wednesday to take some headshots of the cast and a cast/crew photo. I need to dust off my DSLR skills – its been a minute since I’ve done anything with that camera. Hopefully its like riding a bike.

I’ve been on the peloton more in the past week than I have in months. My quads are complaining a bit, but its a nice kick in the pants to get me moving. I even did it in the 5 o’clock hour, a feat which bears some celebration.

Had a really nice weekend. Saturday was more of a lazy day (relatively) – the kids watched the rest of Loki and did a bunch of reading. Did some small stuff around the house (including getting a start on going through the basement). Sunday they did hours of Just Dance and then we did a 5+ mile walk. I turned back early because of my toe, but it still was a significant walk. (My dogs are barking today. ) Jay and I saw Creed 3 – which I liked more than I thought I would. A bit of a melodramatic first directorial outing for Michael B Jordan, but a fine film.

Next weekend is partially a home weekend and partially a family one – going to finally meet Lois and see Hari (and the parents, natch). I am also – for the first time in many years – going to watch the Oscars. I will be rooting for Everything Everywhere All at Once for all the awards.

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