I caught a quote a couple of weeks ago that has stayed with me. I wish I remembered the exact quote – for I will not do it justice- but the gist was that life was not meant to be easy. In other words, it’s the expectation that life should be problem free, cushy, or otherwise easy that trips us up in our thinking and expectation. It’s close to the buddhist axiom that life is suffering, although not as stark. I like the sentiment, because it presupposes that the status quo should be challenging. Not that life “should be” easy, and that somehow anything other than that ideal is something that needs to be remedied.

Annika is more than 9 months old now, and amazes us daily. She’s finally sleeping through the night (6:30/7pm is her bedtime, she wakes up around 5:30/6) and it’s been nice. She’s been a super traveling bun – our trip to California a few weeks ago was fun, but having to deal with Annika’s sleep schedule put a little damper on things. I ended up missing the reception of the wedding since our babysitting fell through (or rather, she was super-sketchy, so we dropped her) which was fine.

Sleep is still a valuable commodity for me these days. Whatever my level of sleepiness, come 8pm I get a new surge of energy, which means I dont go to sleep before 11 or 11:30. And I tend to get up around 5:30 am on Wednesdays. But the other days I can sleep in until about 7:15. Which ostensibly means I get about 7 or so hours of sleep most nights, but it doesn’t really mean that since the monitor goes off at random times and I wake up. Can’t complain too much though, mostly because Jyotsna has it worse (she goes to sleep earlier, but she has bad sleep issues) and it was so much worse earlier on.

I’ve slipped in my fitness and weight goals – pretty badly. I’ve gained a goodly number of pounds since before Annika was born, and I need to get back to that and even better. I signed up on Stickk.com as a commitment to lose an average of a  pound per week, for 40 weeks a relatively safe number that I need to stick to. Even after that I’d still be considered overweight medically, but it would put me back into high school weight where (in retrospect) I looked good.  I invited some friends as supporters on Stickk.com, to keep me honest. If you’re interested in such a role, I could use as many eyes on me as possible, challenging me and keeping me honest.

In other health news, I’ve been having some teeth/gum problems. My last real post I talked about the pain – it was unbearable, and I went to an oral surgeon to get the abcess drained. The root canal was completed and I got a permanent filling, but I still have occsaional pain even after two rounds of antibiotics. But the pain is like a 0.2 on a scale of 10, where the pain before was like a 9. So I’m hoping it’s just adjustment and that it goes away. I really don’t want to go through that again.

What else? Dimple’s wedding is next week, and I’ll be glad when it’s over. I love Dimple, but this wedding involves many levels of obligation and guilt. But it’s family,. and what do you do except grin and bear it and realize that they were there for you (however painfully or not).

Still waiting on the house news. We’re getting antsy, we need to do the renovations before moving in, and the sooner we can get possession the better. But their bank is still sitting on another BPO (Brokers Price Opinion), so we’re waiting to hear their counteroffer. WE saw another house that was nice (awesome gourmet kitchen) but didnt have as much privacy – but it went in 5 days, so we didnt even get the chance to withdraw our offer on this short sale. I want to know now!!!

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