F*in Kavanaugh is going to be the next supreme court justice, and I’m on my second bourbon of the evening already.

I’m normally apolitical or moderate, but I can’t be. Not anymore. I shouldnt have been disappointed since that would presuppose there was any hope that it could have been otherwise.  Tonight I can’t take the jubilant rhetoric online, or the people that somehow thought that the FBI report was in any way legitimate. Or even the people who go “Hrm, that’s unfortunate” and go back to doing whatever they were doing. Yes, the republic will go on and we’ll survive, but to pretend this is anything but a major setback to this country is delusional.

But tonight I’ll turn it all off and meanwhile I’ll enjoy the bourbon. Perhaps it’ll help with these headaches these last couple of days.

Savi was in the homecoming parade today, walking with her girl scout troop. She was super cute!  Made sushi tonight and the kids ate it up.

I have to find a good article from my parenting blog to post on a Facebook group I’m a part of. Got permission to do so, could be a good way to boost some traffic.  Best foot forward and all that.

Older two kids are watching the first Harry Potter. J. has been reading it to them and the fever seems to be catching. Muahahaha! Perhaps we can count on a Universal trip in a year or two. On top of the other trips we’re thinking about. Maybe just a day or overnight trip from Tampa when we’re down there for the holidays? (I want a wand for myself!)

How is it October already?




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