On Entertainment

On Entertainment

In a more shallow vein:

We are caught up with “Modern Family”, which is the funniest series we’ve seen in quite some time. I love how it’s genuine and sweet at its core, with characters that you actually *like*.

On the opposite end, Oh my god I can’t wait until Big Love is put out of it’s misery. The series is seriously bad now. There aren’t any characters on there that you care about, and it’s a bit sad to see some decent actors try to make sense of an inane plot. We simply watch it just because we want to see how it ends, not because we actually enjoy watching it.  It’s a shame because the series held a lot of promise at the beginning of the last season, and I think they squandered some good story telling. There have been some interesting moments (Lois’ end of life scenario with Frank is actually interesting to me), but the shark needs to circle around and gobble this one up.

I watched the entire first season of Boardwalk Empire last month. This was seriously good, can’t wait for Season 2.

I’ve also been somehow been able to get a lot of reading done these days, usually over the break I give myself for lunch or in bed at night.  If possible, loving my Nook even more than I used to, depsite a couple of dead pixels on my e-Ink display. It’s already been replaced once, and I dont want to replace it again for such a minor nuisance.

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