Me Caveman

Me Caveman

So I decided on a little experiment in eating for the month of September. I’m following the “paleo” diet, which espouses eating like our caveman ancestors did. The theory is that we’re not particular evolved to eat ¬†refined foods, most notably breads and complex carbs like that. While there’s a continuum of people who follow this diet – from the extremist viewpoint that even cooking meat is not “paleo”, and those who are much more permissive – its an intriguing enough theory to try. Breads and complex carbs are my biggest weakness – it makes an outsize part of my diet, especially when snacking. I also am addicted to Diet Coke, which is an unholy combination of ingredients but is hard to refuse. The whole idea behind this month long experiment is more to break bad habits and to establish better ones, without any particular attachment to any other outcome.

So it’s now the 11th day and it’s been remarkably good. Dont really miss the Diet Coke, just drinking lots of water. I mess bread the most at breakfast, but I haven’t gotten sick of omelettes yet. The one nice thing about this approach is that it’s simple – if it’s natural and has no sugar added, eat it. Unlike other diets – like the Zone diet – there’s not a lot of manipulation to try to stay within a certain range or counting anything. Lots of salads, lots of grilled meats. It’s my unfortunate timing that this month we were out at my parents for Labor day and then at Ocean City for the weekend, but I’ve been reasonably successful at staying on it. I’m also doing dairy in limited quantities, which makes it easier.

So far I’ve definitely noticed a shift in my appetite toward reaching for an apple or banana instead of a bagel or a tortilla. I’m overloading on nuts – so easy to over indulge! – so I just need to portion those out instead of grabbing the bag. ¬†After a few days of feeling a bit less controlled emotionally, I’m feeling more energetic and “on” in the morning, and not the temperamental sluggard that I can be. Also started back with the personal trainer this week, so I’m continuing to focus on my own health – quietly, without being imperious about it – in a way that I haven’t previously.

Also started up with a writers circle that meets up here in the Broadlands commnity center. It’s a meetup group, and I attended for the first time yesterday. I like the members in the group – they take the craft seriously, and looks like a great support group – which energizes me to refocus and finish up some long dormant pieces and to continue. It’s perfect that they meet during the day, since evenings and weekends tend to be difficult to do consistently.



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