I can’t be sick…

I can’t be sick…

I can’t afford to!

We closed on the house last week, getting set for the movers to come this Saturday. We’ve been moving things over carload by carload this past week or so (with a break for Thanksgiving, which included a baltimore day trip on T-day itself, and then a trip up to NJ for the weekend, which made us conclude that the next road trip we are going to take is going to be next July).

Tuesday the bun woke up screaming, and when we came in it turned out she threw up all over her crib, the poor thing. She also had some GI issues and was cranky as well. She seemed to get over whatever it was pretty quickly though, sleeping longer during the day but in basically good spirits.

The next evening, after having take-out Thai for dinner the night before and lunch the same day, I came down with horrible nausea. Thus began the night of porcelain hugging, three long rounds of emesis. I *hate* vomiting, more than anything else. The last time I puked was alcohol related back in 2008 (New Years Eve in Chennai), and before that .. who knows. Maybe 10-15-20 years? Sucks.

I woke up yesterday all body-achey and chilly, and all I wanted to do was sleep. And thats what I did, besides a couple of hours of watching Annika over lunch time because J. had to go out. Wasted day, with lots of what I needed to do didn’t get done.

Wake up today. Body ache/chilliness/nausea gone, just an annoying cough and post-nasal-drip. The cough may be the same cough I’ve been nursing for a month or so, but it seems to be worse. It’s probably worsened by my packing and moving boxes, stirring up dust and worsened whatever drip it is. I’m a miserable mess, but stuff has got to get done.

I’m going to be SO happy when this move is over. Sunday morning, I’m sleeping in. Maybe even hop in the jacuzzi. 🙂

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