Finally Finished

Finally Finished

It took me a couple of weeks to go through over 2100 posts in my livejournal and baby blog. It was an interesting exercise, looking back on both what I’ve been through and my thoughts about them. My first reaction was: My GOD I can be a whiny bitch.  My second reaction was: I did WHAT? I swear, there were more than a few posts about events I have *no* memory of. I even apparently dated someone for a couple of months – including going to a party where I met their friends – and I have *no* idea who she is. I even went back and looked in my archived email to see if that could jog my memory, but after reading through them I *still* can’t picture this person.

How odd is that? Memory is apparently closely tied into emotion, so I obviously didn’t have much emotion tied up into it. But what’s scarier is losing the memory altogether. I had a similar experience when I had surgery back in 2002. After the administration of the anesthesia, I apparently had conversations and interactions that I have no memory of.  If we’re the sum of our experiences, but can’t remember them, then what are we?

Anyway, I’ve been through them and I’ve classified all of the posts as private, “members only”, and public. I’ve tried to keep as much post 2010 as public as possible, with the rest being “members only”. (I should make a jacket). There’s an astonishing number of private posts though.

I’ve  missed writing and journaling. I hope to get back into it…



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