Currently sitting here at the dealership, ready to get screwed. I hate hate hate (“hate is not a good word, Daddy” I can hear Savita say) going to the dealership for anything, except for maybe buying a car.  But the CRV A/C went out, and the two passenger door locks are screwy. It *should* all be covered by warranty (the locks through a class action lawsuit which gives me six months warranty extension) and a TSB for the A/C clutch which extends the warranty to 7 years/100K miles. I’m at 70K miles, but we bought the car 7 years, 2 months ago. So, I prepare to bend over. But I can’t let J. continue to drive to work without A/C. Better than a car payment for years, right? If we can keep this one for a few more years, we’ll be out of the car seat stage which opens up the type of cars we can look at.

We’re heading to Chicago in a couple of days for Rohan’s wedding. We came back last week after 10 days in Florida, which was a lot of fun. Having a swimming pool in your backyard makes a huge difference – you can jump in and out all day. Annika turned into a fish, she’s so comfortable in the water now. Savita has some work to do, but even Nora (with a floatie) was fine paddling around, even getting out of the pool herself to jump in over and over again.  We took advantage of J’s parents and J and I went to see three different movies in a week (Inside Out, Spy and Jurassic World.) I dont think we’re seen three movies in the theatre together in the past two years combined.

We’re back on Monday (we’re driving!) and then life should calm down for a little bit. Both J and I are a bit chronically sleep deprived I think we’re both looking forward to some sustained sleep.




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