Consolidating webpresence

Consolidating webpresence

Its been on my todo list to consolidate my web presence in some way. Way back in the 90’s I used my personal web site  (, woefully outdated) and a paper journal to share my public and private thoughts. Then I used LJ pretty religiously for years to do the public and private journaling. Then I stopped journaling consistency, and started using facebook to share the more mundane stuff. But I miss the journaling. LJ isnt what it used to be, and Facebook isn’t conducive to thoughtful and meaningful interchange. So now I’m fractured – picture , videos and incidental memes and jibjab on Facebook, a sporadic baby blog at and my mature LJ content.

But despite my wanting to consolidate everything for my own ease, I’m aware that I kinda like having some segregation. I dont have a sense that there are more than a handful of people that would be interested in *everything* I talk about. (More importantly, I’d only *want* a handful of people to read everything). Family would be most interested in photo and video content. Maybe folks that are technically minded would be interested in my work content, primarily. Maybe another “facet” would be

I’d like to maybe start using my personal domain again, maybe setup a master blog site to consolidate everything and then replicate content down to LJ and facebook, depending on type of content. That should be doable with RSS, right? Some of you use dreamwidth, I believe – is that worth exploring? 10 years ago I would be challenged to figure it out on my own. Now, I just want someone to tell me. It seems that it would be a facet of some type of blogging site somewhere. Setup a main private site, then subsidiary sites based on tags of your content. Private would stay private. Work content would go to “”, baby stuff would go to “, etc. Someone has *got* to have figured that out somewhere, right?

In other news I’m seeing a personal trainer. J. has been seeing one for a couple of months now, and after some initial trepidation (mostly surrounding the fact that she works out of her home and wondering if I would be worked out “enough”) – I’m hooked. She kicks my ass for an hour twice a week, and unlike PT’s I’ve had the gym who basically count your reps and with one eye and on the lookout for other clients with the other, she pays rabid attention to form and is constantly challenging me. It’s only week two, but I forsee sticking with this for a while. It’s an investment, but worth it.



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