For those that aren’t my facebook friend (and if you aren’t,  why aren’t you? 🙂 ) I’d like to announce the arrival of Savita Neria Shah (yes, she’s a girl) on Tuesday May 24th, at 11:05am. We’re home now and all is good. She’s a chunky monkey – 9lbs 4.5oz, which is why she gave her mom such a hard time. The labor was worst this time compared to Annika’s, but Jyotsna was *amazing* even though it was grueling and excruciating. She did it without drugs again, although this time she was screaming for them by the end – it was essentially too late. The problem was that she was stuck during transitional labor right at 8-9cm for 2+ hours, with maybe 15-30 seconds pause (if that) between each contraction.

We’re home now, and we have a house full of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters and cousins. Jyotsna’s whole family will be here this weekend (including the twins), and my parents were here for the past couple of days. Unlike last time – when I was so concerned about having our  “experience” , I’m so aware that having the help now is such a blessing. There is plenty of time for me to change diapers and hold the baby at 2am – why not let people who love her do it while they’re here? So much less stressful.

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