I am looking forward to next weekend, where I might take a break from the breakneck pace we’ve been going at. The folks that are renting our old house is going to sign the lease and do a walkthrough on Thursday, which means I’ve got to be finished prepping/caulking/painting/cleaning the old place by then. I underestimated how much work I needed to do, though. When I went back today to do some spackling/patching, the number of nail holes (lots of art!) and anchor holes (lots of shelves) really do add up. And some of the walls need to be completely repainted, including some of the trim. And a few of the screws that I used to screw in a cleat to hang up some ikea cabinets have completely lost their heads, so I’ll need to borrow my friends reciprocating saw (note to self:┬áneed one of those) to finish the job. All this adds up, plus I want everything to be clean before handing it over.

It’s still a little odd to be in the new house. I almost feel dizzy with the amount of change that’ s been happening – not just in the past month, but really in the past few years. It hit me how much my life has changed. For the good, to be sure, but there’s still a little bit of motion sickness if I stop and really think about it.

There’s more, but I need to sleep.

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