The move went really well – it took the movers 7 hours to pack our stuff into a 26′ truck (and by pack I mean pack – I think a gnat would have had a hard time finding enough oxygen in that truck – the guy who was organizing stuff must be a master Tetris player), move it, and then unload. We’ve made remarkable progress with unpacking and putting stuff away – pictures are being hung up, boxes unpacked, things put away. We have a few boxes in the basement left to be opened, but we know thats stuff that’s going to stay in storage anyway. If it wasn’t for the fact that our living room furniture wasn’t going to be coming until next Wednesday, you’d almost never know that we just moved in. That’s mostly thanks to my wonderful family, who came this weekend and helped unpack and watched Annika while we got stuff done.

I’m loving my office – huge space, and I’m surrounded by books. The furniture that I got off craigslist is a bit scuffed, but its really solid and an excellent buy. The kitchen furniture we bought fits perfectly, and we’re just waiting for our new living room that I ordered off the net (same model as from Belfort, but about $300-400 cheaper with free delivery and a much shorter timeframe to get it delivered. Shopping Fu, bitches!)

One surprise: the house was built in 1997, but has a place downstairs where all the telephone wire comes to one central junction. There is also some Cat 5 wiring, but the FIOS guy said he thought it was all telephone. I put my office in the family room (doors being put on next week),  and I thought maybe the  Cat 5 outlet here would connect to the rest of the house. Well, I plugged in a network connection from my FIOS router there, and my phone blew out. So, it was obviously phone. Disappointing (I had visions of a home nework with a central media server – still doable over wireless, perhaps, but less desirable.)

But then I checked from another room, and it turns out that there are other rooms that actually *do* connect to the hub downstairs, so my vision of a home network lives on. I just need to run some Cat 5 from the playroom (which was a study) to the living room, and my vision of home NAS and server is still alive!  I have our old kitchen computer  which will be repurposed for just that reason, although I might need to upgrade a few components.

The one thing I need to buy is a BIG christmas tree. I waited too long and there isn’t a whole lot left that I like. Missed one opportunity on craigslist for a great buy, but someone swooped in before I could get it. Bah! 🙂

My body is a bit battered from the move. My poor left foot – a couple of weeks ago I traumatized my left big toe in a door (got caught), and my big toe nail came off (NASTY). Then I did something to my pinky toe – it’s either broken or badly bruised. Then during the move I had a 40 lb mass of wood fall on my foot, giving it a nasty bruise and scraping the hell out of it. Add that to some back/neck acheyness and  a general oh-my-god I’m tired, and I need some time off.

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