So, after a third round of negotiations… we got the house! The contract was ratified Saturday, and the closing date (as of now) is 11/21. Three weeks away.

Ack! Now the craziness begins – we have a crazy todo list. Inspections this week, hopefully nothing major.  We’re putting our home up for rent (anyone need a 4 BR/3 1/2 BA townhome in Sterling?) and that’s a process in and of itself. Pictures are being taken today, will post on craigslist. Already got a couple of hits on a non-pictures ad I posted this morning, which bodes well.

The surprisingly difficult thing is the homeowners insurance, only because the quote process is such a PITA. Because we’re renting our house, we also need to switch our insurance to reflect that.

Of course there’s a move to plan, which is not going to exactly be fun. We need to a little purging before we start packing – stuff will be going up on craigslist soon. We have a 50″ rear projection TV (about 10 years old, still works great) that I need to get rid of – will try to get $50 for,  if you’re local you’re welcome to it. Also some other furniture needs to go.

Will be a crazy three weeks, made even crazier that two of the four weekends in November we’re out of town. (Next weekend and Thanskgiving weekend). So we’ll to move December 4th, if we can.

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