Rain is coming down now – much needed. We’re supposed to drive up to Philly tonight to stay with my parents before heading over to Jai and Sush’s to see the new twins. But if the rain is heavy and continues to be heavy, we may just leave early tomorrow. I suspect tonight ¬†would be better for Annika – there’s a chance she’ll sleep in the car. Otherwise, if we leave first thing tomorrow, she’ll be the most alert. Who knows, though? We can’t be slaves to her schedule, but all of our lives are easier if we respect it.

Last night Milky watched Annika while we went out for some very very overdue adult time. It was Shannon’s birthday, so we celebrated at Restaurant 3. Jyotsna and I felt like prisoners let out of jail after a long sentence. Adult conversations! (Ones that didn’t involve the phrase “poopy diaper!”) Adult beverages! It was good to see and socialize with people in a way that we really haven’t since the bun has been born. Of course we’ve been out with Annika in social situations, but it’s never really the same. You’re always worrying about her, her diaper, whether she’s hungry, or tired, or if she’s getting into some trouble.

We paid for it, ultimately. Not just the cost of the babysitter and her dinner, but the hour and a half it took to get home because of the construction on 66. THAT I don’t miss.

Tired today, but well worth it.


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