I think I’ve finally decided to take a jump into the eReader market. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and the heft and tactile feel of a book is like coming home to me. But after looking at the e-Ink screens that are available, and realizing what a boon it might be to carry around a library with me at all times, I decided to do some research.

Although I love Amazon (we spend much of our dispensible income there), I can’t really go with a Kindle. It’s not the interface or anything, but the fact that the Kindle doesn’t support the ePub format makes it a nogo for me. Being able to check a book out of the library is an important element of having an eReader, and the predominant format that libraries use is ePub.  It seems like an obvious omission to me, but I’m not Jeff Bezos. So no Kindle.

Out of the others in the market, the Nook is the one that seems to catch my eye the most. It’s Android powered, which means that the potential for upgrading its capabilities is fairly real. I like the two part screen, although in testing it’s a skosh slower than I would like. It’s also $150 for the wifi only version, which makes it even more attractive. What sealed the deal for me is that I have sufficient “rewards” on my business card so I don’t have to pay for it out of pocket.

I briefly considered getting the 3G version, but on the Nook the 3G version ONLY lets you download books. It doesnt allow you to browse using it, unlike the Kindle.  (It only lets you browse when using Wifi). Since I have my Droid with me most places, if I really need to get on the net for something, I can just as easily do so there. So while it would be nice, it’s not worth the extra money.

So I’m chomping at the bit to get it, but I have to wait for the gift cards to be sent from Bank of America. Meanwhile, Ive downloaded a ton of free ePubs. Has anybody else out there jumped on the eReader bandwagon? Any sites worth checking out for free or cheap books?


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