I swear, life continues to accelerate. Was it only a little more than five years ago we got married?

A couple of weekends ago,  J. and I went to Charleston, SC for our 5th wedding anniversary.  Despite a crappy time with United on the way out (5 hours in the airport!) we had a wonderful time. It’s been a packed 5 years, and with Nora on the way we’ve had precious little time focusing on just us. We did a great walking tour of Charleston, an eco boat tour of Caper island,(an untouched natural barrier island), lunch on John’s Island and Kiawah island, and made general gluttons of ourselves with the wonderful food to be had there. Best of all, we got to sleep in for three mornings in a row. (Sleeping in being relative – first morning was a luxurious 9:30, and then a couple of respectable 8ams).  We missed the kids like crazy though, although they did just fine with my parents watching them. After we got back A. was definitely more clingy (“Dont leave me alone!” when we’re going into the next  room).

The older I get the less I want to deal with BS. Getting the townhouse ready to sell is an exercise in frustration. Making sure the contractors are doing their job (which is a full time job, it seems), getting materials, taking care of small tasks, scheduling subcontractors (and dealing when they dont show up/are late). It would be easier if I was living there, but I’m trying to do this while working during the day and going over there to meet certain contractors as needed. Getting close to done though – the interior is pretty much painted, the guys are working on the outside of the house.  After Tweedledum and Tweedledee delivered a fridge, I got someone to take the old fridge. Hopefully today the contractor will be done with everything he needs to do (not holding my breath, I’m guessing it’ll spill into tomorrow). Then I have probably 8-10 hours worth of work there, and then the cleaners will come and then we’ll be ready.  Can’t wait to be done with that.

Sunday was Mother’s day. Thankfully J. is not into material gifts at all (a double edged sword, however).I got the kids up, woke up mama, and then we went to breakfast out. (My favorite meal to eat out, frankly). Then we stopped over to my brothers to say “Hi!” and then found a park to take advantage of the windy day to try to fly a kite. After lunch, we just spent a leisurely afternoon playing inside and outside, while I made dinner. A very lovely low-key day, not too many opportunities for those recently. But with the weather getting better, we aim to get the kids outside as much as possible. I got A.  a scooter (one with two wheels in front and one in the back, so it’s more stable) and she’s taken to it like a fish in water. She paddles along happily. Savita isn’t there yet, but we’ll be getting her a balance bike (a small frame bike without pedals) that she can paddle along with while balancing.

Speaking of the kids, A. continues to be in a great zone with behavior and attitude (mostly), while Savita is deeply in the PITA zone. She thinks she’s funny with her incessant “No!” responses to everything, and she’s murderously insistent on getting her way. While J. disagrees, I think she’s hit a general nadir and is slowly making improvement as we enforce boundaries and consequences. It’s a slow process though. When Nora comes she’s going to have a big adjustment!

Summer is almost here. We should sign Annika up for a weeklong camp or two, but we’re doing two weeks in Florida (driving!) in July.



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