Last couple of weeks have been whirlwind. I had a sinus infection (which still must be lingering, because I still have intermittent ear and jaw pain). Then J. got the flu which totally knocked her out of commission. You have to know J. to realize how odd this is ; She’s normally healthy as the proverbial horse, despite her occupation keeps her in constant contact with germs. Plus she’s pregnant, so the poor thing was suffering. Just when she was beginning to get better (not completely healed as of yet, although last night was mercifully vomit-free), the kids started feeling flush and odd. On my day on Friday I took them in and … they got the flu too. So this weekend was interesting, they mostly stayed in and watched TV. Yes we let them watch TV, which is very odd for our household. They normally get 30 minutes (maybe) for after bathtime and before bedtime as a treat if they’re good.  But this weekend they watched (and rewatched) Doc McStuffins. My god, the theme and the songs are burned into my head. “I feel better, so much better…” ACK!

So the huge push from my one client is over -for now. The release got pushed in on Saturday night, and today I’m playing cleanup on a few straggling issues. Now my other client is clamoring for something that was long on the back burner – they now want it front and center. So no shortage of work right now. Despite that, I feel like I really need to work on some non-urgent things (Quadrant 2 activities, for your Stephen Covey acolytes) such as redoing the business website and investing some time on procuring new clients or even direct to consumer opportunities. Then again, I’ve been saying that for year. One of these years, I’ll be right.

Less than a month until our Charleston trip. Still need to find a hotel, but the flights and the restaurants are booked. Charleston is apparently significantly pricey, so for now I’m trying the priceline route to see if we can score a higher star property for less. I’ve had luck with that approach in the past, so I’m crossing my fingers. Unfortunately my marriott points are blacked out for the property I’d want to stay at, so I can’t use them.

With the sickness and the work crunch, I’ve totally fallen off my March goals for fitness. Today is a new month, starting a new. Still feels like a failure though, I just need to shake that off.

J. is getting bigger with baby , it’s becoming more and more real. We’ll find out the gender in a few weeks, and I’m beyond excited. We didn’t have the same experience with the first two, so this is novel. I’m often asked if I have a preference ; The truth is that I don’t. A girl would be a known quantity and in same ways easier. A boy would be a different experience, and while that’s slightly daunting I’m up for the challenge.

This month I have to sell my old house and my motorcycle. The house because if I dont sell it by October I have serious tax consequences. The renter is moving out by next Tuesday (I’ve been fairly lenient in enforcing a hard date and am even pro-rating the rent, since I dont plan on having a renter afterward.)  But that means I need to find a realtor and get needed work done before selling it. More stress. And I’m selling the motorcyle because I’ve had it since 2006 and have only put on about 2000  miles on it, most of that in the first few years. I’ve barely taken it out the last couple years. And it takes up a good part of the room in the garage. So practical  minded me is selling it, and putting that money toward the “renovating the kitchen” account.








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