It’s been a month or so since my last post. Everytime I want to sit down and write something, I find a reason not to.

The summer is almost over, and it seemed to have flown by. How is it the end of August already? This coming weekend we’re all (including J&J and the kids)  going to spend some time at my parents , something we only do rarely these days. (It’s easier for the two of them to come down to see all of us, as opposed to the 9 of us coming up there.)  You would think that would put the end to the traveling, but the week after we’re going to the shore with a couple of friends and their kids. Beginning of October we’re all going to Houston to visit Rohan and Amyna. Middle of October J. and I are going to DC for my birthday weekend, and then we’re into Thanksgiving (Connecticut) and New Years (Florida).

Lets just say that I’m very grateful for the minivan!

It’s also election season, and I really just want to just put the cotton in my ears and avoid all the posturing and theater and bluster – from both sides. There’s no perfect candidate for me. I vote far left when it comes to liberal causes and right-center for economic ones. The two parties pander to their extreme elements (by necessity, that’s who comes out and votes in the most numbers) and it’s such a turn off. The class warfare this election cycle is especially galling. There seems to be (anecdotally) less undecideds this cycle as well, which just adds to the partisanship.  I volunteered as an election officer last presidential election – I dont think I will do so this time around.

More later.




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